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Hubert Mas : Directeur Supply-Chain
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62 ans


Directeur Supply-Chain Hubert Mas

Expériences professionnelles


REYDEL Automotive and TESCA Tangier
Transition Manager as

Jan 2017 - Déc 2018

Inergy Automotive Systems

Jan 2007 - Jan 2017

Scope : 16 plants and 11 SILS - Automotive Tier One

DELPHI Corporate

Jan 1999 - Jan 2007

DELPHI Corporate
Head of European Logistics Manager

Jan 1999 - Jan 2003

DELPHI Corporate
Global Logistics Manager

Jan 2003 - Jan 2005

European Lean Logistics Director

Jan 2005 - Déc 2007

ALSTOM Transport

Jan 1990 - Déc 1999

Train industry (Power cars, coaches and TGV)

Alstom Belfort Fce
Purchasing Manager

Jan 1990 - Jan 1994

EUKORAIL Seoul, Korea
Procurement General Manager

Jan 1994 - Déc 1996

(High speed train with MKM)

Amerail Chicago
Purchasing Expert

Jan 1997 - Jan 1998

& Deputy Project Director - 2 sites

Alstom India
Purchasing Director

Jan 1998 - Déc 1999

Scope: 4 sites in India

Quality Product Manager

Jan 1988 - Déc 1990

FORD Motor Company - France

Jan 1986 - Jan 1988

FTO - Procurement Planning Supervisor & CCD- Production Buyer - Automotive Tier One

GENERAL MOTORS France - Harrison Radiator Division

Jan 1981 - Jan 1986

GENERAL MOTORS France - Harrison Radiator Division
Manufacturing Manager

Jan 1981 - Déc 1983

FORD - France Ford Tractor
Operation - Trainee Foreman

Jan 1980 - Jan 1981

A more detailed CV is attached / References' list is available upon request.

Other :
Speaker in various Seminar and conferences (Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Management)
Teacher in different universities specialized in Purchasing, Supply Chain and Logistics
IT Competencies: Usual Pack Office software skills
Warehouse Mgt & SAP user

Detailed resume HPM - 1980 to 2019

For TESCA Morocco as Plant Logistics Manager (Tangier plant: 2 sites - 1100p) 4 months (April till July 2018).
Logistics Manager until recruitment new Manager (creation new site to reorganize production, close 2 of the 3 subcontractors' activity) headcount, ...)
For REYDEL Automotive as Corporate Supply Chain Director and Logistics manager for their plant in Rougegoutte-France (2 sites - 1000p) 6months (April till October 2017)
Creation of the Supply Chain Director position: reporting to Corporate Operations Vice President Objectives: Reduce Inventory, Improve Safety, Implement best logistics practices
Support the Rougegoutte plant (2 sites and 3 warehouses): Reporting to plant director, until recruitment of the new logistics manager (working 7 days/week and 24/24) instead of forklifts, pull approach with suppliers, manage stocks and reduce inventory)
* Close 1 external warehouse and select/implement new delivery point close to customer


Jan 2007 - Déc 2017

(Fuel systems for Automotive Industry - Plastic Industry)
Supply Chain Director - Europe (16 plants + 11 SILS). Reporting to the Inergy-PO European President, my key responsibilities were:
* Manage a team of 5 Engineers and all plant logistics managers or Sils Managers - Organize monthly conf call and KPI's reporting.
* Interact with the European Plants and Lead Logistics Purchasing to establish a standardized approach towards deployment of Supply Chain related activities.
* Optimize integrated processes among Operations, Purchasing, Logistics that support the planning/replenishment process (component part, inventory management, ERP system applications etc.).
* Create the Integrated Supply Chain that supports and drives Lean Manufacturing.
* Establish Best in Class Transportation methods and standards including related costing.
* Improve Safety within Logistics and Drive the Value Stream Mapping for material related processes to improve efficiency and eliminate waste.
* Establish key performance Supply Chain Metrics and Benchmarks relating to customer delivery, forecast accuracy, truck load utilization, supplier delivery, BOM accuracy.
* Support the Commercial organization during the RFQ and Project phase to optimize Logistics costs.
* Main achievements:
* Develop and implement Safety best practices
* Implement Warehouse management in plants
* Reduce total inventory (Inbound material, WIP, and FP)
* Implement Pull concept for inbound components
* Select and manage returnable packaging between suppliers and plants
* Create a solid Supply chain expertise within the team

Lean Enterprise Director, PC&L EMEA, European Headquarters, Paris Fr

Juin 2005 - Jan 2019

* Implement the "Lean concept" across the supply chain (Regional and Global) Operations as they relate to the logistics activities, Supplier Packaging Standards, full support of our cost reduction efforts.

Troy Corporate HQ, USA (Office
Global Logistics Manager

Jan 2003 - Déc 2005

* Define and drive the global logistics strategy to implement Delphi's Lean Enterprise concept.
* Actively support the Production Control & Logistics organization to achieve our goal: "Right Part; Right Time; Right Quantity!" activities.
* Select and implement inter-regional contracts for the global ocean carriers and logistics management companies.
* Manage cost improvement projects with our partners to achieve the targeted price reduction yearly.

Manager, European Headquarters, Paris, FRANCE
European Logistics

Jan 1999 - Jan 2003

Based in the European Headquarters, responsible for coordinating logistics activities in Europe for various Divisions, and Worldwide with the International and Regional Logistics Managers.
* Strategic and operational sourcing responsibility for Transportation, Warehousing and Packaging
* Manage a team of 3 Regional Logistics Managers and 4 sub-regional buyers and lead the region.

ALSTOM Transport

Jan 1990 - Jan 1999

ALSTOM Transport India Limited, New Delhi, INDIA
Purchasing Director

Jan 1998 - Déc 1999

* Supporting the STRETCH 30 program, organized sourcing and exports from low cost countries.
* Coordinated and supervised the purchasing activities of three business units in India.

& Quality Expert

Jan 1997 - Jan 1998

* Audited the Purchasing and Quality Departments of Amerail, as well as some of their critical suppliers.
* Supervised GEC Alsthom Transport team based in Chicago.

Seoul, KOREA
Procurement General Manager

Jan 1994 - Déc 1996

* Led the Joint Procurement Team for the Rolling Stock Division of the Korean High Speed Train Project, which included our three Korean partners - Daewoo, Hyundai and Hanjin.
* Implemented the Technology Transfer of the Purchasing files and main equipment.
* Managed the Purchasing Department of EUKORAIL (Korean company created to manage the contract).

Belfort, FRANCE
Purchasing Manager

Jan 1990 - Jan 1994

* Managed all facets of the Purchasing department including Direct, Indirect, Procurement and Control of Invoice.
* Defined purchasing strategy in accordance with divisional purchasing rules and objectives.
* Commodity Buyer/Leader in Europe for cables and windscreens.
* Evaluated industrial capabilities of suppliers located in France, UK, Taiwan, and Korea.
* Purchasing Coordinator for numerous projects including TGVR, TGV2N, TGVK, and PBKA.

Quality Product Manager

Jan 1988 - Jan 1990

In charge to measure customers' satisfaction in Europe - 3 levels of customers: Users, Dealers and Brands - Manage quality supervisors to audit the finished products and organize projects to correct the issues found.

FORD Motor Company (FTO & CCD), US-based automobile manufacturer
Procurement Planning Supervisor and Production Buyer

Jan 1986 - Jan 1988

Purchasing and procurement of components for heating systems and Supply chain coordinator in Europe for Tractors spare parts needs

Donchery, FRANCE
Production Buyer and Estimate Coordinator

Jan 1983 - Jan 1986

Indirect and direct buyer + manager of the "non production warehouse

Manufacturing Supervisor , Donchery, FRANCE

Jan 1981 - Jan 1983

Manage the production of heater core for Cars - 3 main activities: Stamping, Core manufacturing and Assembly line (up to 110 people covering: Manufacturing 3 shifts, Maintenance, PDP and PIC)

FORD France - Tractor Operation

Jan 1980 - Jan 1981

2 years Training to become production or maintenance supervisor



     Training & Diplomas

1977     BTS TC

1980     BTS FM

1985     Negotiation Skills

2004     Green Belt - Six Sigma

2006     Lean / Kaizen training

2004     Green Belt Certificate (and yearly validation)

1980     French Post Baccalaureate Degree "BTS Fabrications Mécaniques"

1977     French Post Baccalaureate Degree "BTS des Professions Technico-Commerciales



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